training program

Bennett promotes the continued development of excellence across our team, empowering our senior people to remain at the top of their game, and accelerating the development of the next generation who will be the future of our firm

Ground School for clerks, graduates and junior practitioners

We understand the importance of starting your legal career in the right way, well supported in an environment that encourages curiosity, continual learning, and development. We run a formal mentoring program to connect our graduates and junior practitioners with more experienced mentors to support their career aspirations.

Our unique in-house training program, called Ground School, has been curated to provide practical, structured, legal skills training for our clerks, graduates, and junior solicitors.

Participants in Ground School receive support and training in:

  • practical research skills
  • preparing and litigating an e-trial, with input from the Litigation Project Team
  • core skills, including time management, client management, file management, and all aspects of costs
  • privilege and confidentiality
  • conflicts of interest and other ethical issues
  • clear legal writing
  • effective and persuasive advocacy skills
  • working collaboratively
  • principles of mediation and negotiation

Ground School training is delivered through interactive workshops and seminars, both face to face and online, led by our senior practitioners, members of the bar, and ex-judiciary, who are regarded as experts in their respective fields.

Bennett training day

Every second year, Bennett curates and hosts an exclusive in-house training day, bringing together pre-eminent barristers, ex-judiciary, and industry leaders alongside senior practitioners from the firm to present practical and theoretical sessions on advocacy skills, negotiation, commercial matters, business development techniques, and key issues and trends in the profession.

Professional development for senior practitioners

Bennett’s professional development program empowers senior practitioners to strive for excellence in their respective practice areas and to remain at the top of their game. More than just a CPD program, it encourages further study and coursework, and the development of holistic skills for effective leadership both within the firm and within the broader community.

Administrative skills development

Bennett encourages continual learning and development for all of its administrative and support staff across the firm via its virtual training library and regular skills sessions.


“Ground School has exposed me to some interesting topics of conversation and provided me with new skills that I can implement in my legal practice. The firm has provided eminent and learned presenters who have been able to effectively communicate their knowledge in a condensed but accessible format.”


“Bennett’s Ground School is a great training program providing an opportunity to junior practitioners to expand on their knowledge of various areas of law and best practice. The experience and lessons taught at Ground School are invaluable. The learning environment provides a safe space to learn from industry leading practitioners and to share knowledge amongst peers at the firm.”