Our expertise

Media and Defamation

We are the largest and most experienced specialist media and defamation law practice in Western Australia

We have contributed extensive thought leadership and consulted on reforms in this critical area and the collective experience and knowledge of our media team is unsurpassed.

A person’s reputation can be damaged by any type of oral or written publication. Our market leading media team has extensive experience acting for both those claiming reputational damage and those accused of defaming someone else, including acting in trials by jury. We also assist clients seeking pre-publication advice for any type of publication, or discreet legal opinions in relation to specific media and defamation issues or existing litigation.

The proliferation of social and media commentary online increasingly generates defamatory content, with the resulting reputational damage being difficult to remedy. Reforms in the law, to which Bennett is an active contributor, are constantly shifting in response to changing community expectations. When the reputations of high profile personalities, politicians, business leaders and high net worth individuals are exposed, they turn to Bennett.

For Media matters, please contact Principal Associate, Alex Tharby.