Can the public trust media claims for immunity for investigative journalism?

The answer to this question – NO – was categorically delivered by Justice Rene Le Miere in the Supreme Court of Western Australia in a lengthy defamation trial bought by Dr Jemma …

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High Court Dams Mighty River and Challenge to “Holding” DOCA Dismissed

After hearing arguments presented by parties’ counsel for a full day, the High Court sitting in Perth on 19 June 2018 adjourned for about 5 minutes and in a majority decision (with …

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Bennett + Co Achieves WA Record Defamation Payout

On 31 July 2019 the Australian Registrar of Trade Marks published the decision of JB Hi-Fi Limited [2019] ATMO 115. It is a decision on revocation – a rare matter for determination by a delegate of the Registrar, no doubt because the omission giving rise to the hearing was so obvious.

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